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Field Trips

Perfect For Any Organization!

If your organization or school is looking for a fun, safe, and unique field trip experience, come try Fitness Made Fun! 

Whether you're looking to have an "Olympic" day, a multi-week session of fitness education, or just a fun group outing, Fitness Made Fun can meet your needs. Our events coordinator will work with you to find the best fit for your organization and your budget.

The cost is $10 a child for a 50 minute event, we doubt you'll find a more affordable option anywhere! To request a field trip with Fitness Made Fun, fill out the online form below.  We look forward to your organization visiting our facility!

All participants (Adults and children) must have a filled out special event form, located at the bottom of this page. These forms need to be turned in before the scheduled event. Only a parent/legal guardian can fill out this form. If a participant does not have this form, we cannot let them participate.

Field Trip Request

Please allow 3 business days for our repsonse, thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

Special Event Waiver

Your child will need a this form filled out by their legal parent/guardian to be able to attend this event.  

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