Learn cheer leading techniques, cheers, jumps and basic stunts! Students will also learn how to work as a team and show 

cheer spirit!  

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After finding the age appropriate class for your child(s). Call/email the gym to make sure there is availability and confirm the class.

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Call/email to schedule a free trial class. Before coming please read about dress code in our Rules and Policies document below. 

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Ready to enroll? Check out the bottom of the page for a registration form, session schedule and rules and policies packet. 

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Cheer Technique - $70 session fee

(Co-ed; 1st - 8th grade)

Monday 6:10-7:00 pm

Session: April 1st - May 6th 

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Little League Cheer

Fitness Made Fun advertises and facilitates for a summer cheer program, Little League Cheer. For more information, go to

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This form is needed for your free trial class. 

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Registration Form

This form is needed to complete your registration process and to hold your student's spot in their class.

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Session Schedule

This shows the 4 week session schedule for classes and closures. 

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Rules and Policies Packet

Please review the rules and policies packet to answer commonly asked questions, to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication and learn about the yearly registration fee of $30 (Single) or $60 (family).

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